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December 3rd 2008
The snow arrived in earnest!
Wednesday Sept 10th 2008
Wendy, Nicky and Sandra set out to ride the Mary Townley Loop.

Saturday 24 May 2008
Chloe, Barry, Rex, Mavis, Andrew, Shannon and Goldie went for a day on the beach.

Sunday 17 February 2008
Chloe and Barry went for a look at the new windmills
from the trig point on Scout Moor.

Sunday 17 June 2007
Womble in his new home with John Gilliver.
Happy hunting Womble!
Clipped, clean, buried in shavings and with a new filly to occupy his time - happy or what!

Sunday 9 June 2007
Is this a record - five out at once?
Must be to do with the weather!

Sunday 3rd June
With all the hot weather and horses getting fatter we just had to cut some grass!.
Baled and put away it will help keep them fat in the winter!

Friday 25th May
Goldie has been growing and is now a real part of Meadow Top - when we can find her!

Recycle, re-use, repair. - Barry has been making use of some old horse shoes and telegraph pole fittings to make these hanging baskets!
Must take some more pictures when the flowers grow!

Monday 21 May 2007
Well we finally got some relief from all the rain and now that we have some grass the horses are having a feast in their new fields!
Sam's bad hair day!
Sacha and Doris posing for the camera.

Sunday 20 May 2007
Mavis & Rex
Mavis and Barry went for a hack over to Stacksteads Quarry - only one photo got taken - of guess who!

Monday 29 January 2007
Another four legs have arrived at Meadow Top!
Meet Goldie - a Labrador Retriever puppy.

Saturday 27 January 2007
Doris is finally fit after her cut leg in December...
so gets out for a "glowing" ride with Sam.

Sunday 14 January 2007
The first decent day this year!
Chloe and Barry went for a hack
over Cowpe and the quarry.
Cold and windy but great to
work off some of the Christmas pud.
This ride has fantastic views when the tops are not in the clouds!

Meadow Top is right in the middle of this picture

Faye & Womble
Sunday 26 November 2006
Faye rides Womble!
Faye & Womble
Faye & Womble again!

Wendy and Sam
Thursday 28th September 2006
Wendy and Sam set out to tackle the Mary Townley Loop
Meeting up with friends for the first leg of the journey - hope the weather holds!

Meeting at the gate
After four days riding for 48 miles they finally appeared at 5.30p.m. on Sunday having completed the loop.
Sam looked as though he could do it all again!
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